Thursday, January 15, 2009

sweet 'siah!

ella kate and josiah are beginning to have a cute 'buddy' type of relationship these days. when i say that they are buddies, i clearly mean that ella kate is in charge and josiah is supposed to do whatever she says:) sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. poor thing, he really does love his sisters, but he is surrounded by so much girly-ness.. too much at times! just this morning he and ella kate were walking around the house in my high heels!! (bill would have FREAKED OUT!) but she also tries to put her hairbows and necklaces on him and he'll just wear them with a smile... and i know one of these days she will talk him into having a tea party with her. i just hope that i can sneak him one of his toy dinosaurs to crash and destroy her tea and crumpets:) but being the sweet little boy that he is, he will probably propose a toast to her... such a sweet little brother! i remember when he was 11mo old or so, i had left ella kate and josiah playing in her room and when i came back to check on them, josiah was COVERED in stickers! ella kate decorated her little brother and was so proud of it and apparently josiah was too!! he just sat there patiently until she was done! and it was funny the other day when we were outside, she was running across the grass in the front yard and she hollered, " 'siah davis, com'er son!!" and sure enough...his cute, bow-legged little self, toddled over to her... just a smilin'! but don't get me wrong, there are plenty of times where she wants to 'ring around the rosey' with him, or hug, kiss and love him and he will have nothing to do with it or her! he is definetly capable of telling her he has had enough!! and here is a pic of just that....
josiah is our little cuddle bug! he is a true momma's boy and loves being kissed and held and 'babied'. he has a crazy addiction to remote controls and the buttons on the tv/dvd player/radio. all of which are off limits to the kids!! but for some reason, every morning when he wakes up, he 'forgets' that he is not allowed to touch them and EVERY morning he gets popped. he has the most pitiful 'sad' face too. i really need to get a picture of it... that bottom lip comes out and pretty much drags on the floor. if you tell him no-no, you might as well of ripped his heart out and stomped all over it! he is super sensitive, but strong-willed at the same time.. (fun combination.. huh??!) but he is 'fearfully and wonderfully made' and we thank god for this little man!

oh... and did i mention that he loves baby einstein videos?! he would willingly break his neck just to watch one and here is a pic of him doing just that...

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  1. okay, so I have to admit that I LOVE your blogs! your kids are hilarious:) Your stories always bring a smile to our faces (Alan reads too!--he especially loves Josiah stories..they remind us of Chase) :)

    Carla and Alan Gay