Wednesday, January 28, 2009

oh, what a night...

why is it that when bill works late, that the kids are acting all crazy?!? i guess they just like to save all the drama for their momma:) ella kate is REALLY trying hard to master this whole potty training thing. some days she does awesome! no accidents, no meltdowns... and other days, she just doesn't care. like tonight, josiah was already in the bath tub and DID NOT POOP!! that was a first:) anyways, he was in the bath tub playing and ella kate was going potty. i was trying to hurry and get them both bathed and dressed in their jammies before miley woke up to be fed. but there is no, i mean NO, hurrying up ella kate. (especially when she is on the potty!) so their she is... stripped down to just her hairbow, sitting on the potty, reading a magazine (i think it was a pottery barn magazine) and just taking her own sweet time! she LOVES magazines, and apparently she loved this one tonight. she kept ooohing and ahhhing over all the toys and telling me that 'so and so' (a random kid in the magazine) was her friend and that she wanted to go to 'so and so's house to play with their toys. sometimes, she even talks to the people in the magazines. like tonight. she carried on this conversation with this little boy who was 'modeling' with one of their toy kitchens. and ella kate was steady talking.. telling him all about her day and what she did, and what she had for lunch. it was getting pretty indepth:) i was begging ella kate to come in the tub, but by that time, miley had woken up and i was trying to hold off on feeding her just yet, so i put her in the bath tub with josiah. ella kate finally decides that she is done and comes to get in the tub, only to see that miley has pooped. EVERYWHERE! why? why does this always happen when i am by myself? so being the excellent mom that i am, i put ella kate on the 'clean' side, get miley out and lay her on the floor, try and scoop out the poop (with our rinse cup) before josiah starts grabbing at the floaties, all to hear that the water is too hot and it hurts her eyes. really? her eyes? she is just standing in this water, but yet it already hurts her eyes? so i tell ella kate to basically suck it up and let us hurry and bathe so we can get out. so one by one they all get out and get lathered up with lotion. i forgot to have their jammies and diapers etc. upstairs with me, so i get miley dressed first while the other 2 run around like wild, naked indians. then, i take josiah downstairs to his room to get him dressed and send ella kate to her room and wait for me to come and get her dressed. well, jos is ready for bed and when i make my way to ella kates room, i see this huge wet spot on her bed! this huge wet spot on her clean sheets that i JUST changed! (i really hate changing bed sheets! maybe i wouldn't dislike it so much if it weren't so stinkin' hard to change cribs sheets. and we have 2 cribs!! the other 2 beds are easy, but i am on a roll so, let me complain:) ) but seriously, what was that wet spot?
i asked ella kate, and she said, "ohh.. i just went pp in my bed!"
"why did you go pp in your bed... that is so yucky!"
"well" she said, while trying to think of a good answer.. "i might fro up!"
"why are you gonna throw up, ella kate?"
"because why?"
"because why..." yes, my child thinks that 'because why' is an actual answer. geez! so needless to say.. that conversation got me far! i have no idea why she did this? she has a potty in her room that she always uses, but not tonight! it took more work for her to climb her naked self up onto her bed and pee, rather than just peeing on the floor!!! but she might 'fro up', so apparently peeing on her bed made sense. which is just so ridiculous to i took off the nasty, wet sheet, loved on her and tried to explain that we only pp in the potty and tucked her in. thankfully, they are already in bed and so am i and it is only 7:20! but hey.. you gotta love'em! the craziness and all:)


  1. girl, you and your babies crack me up! just what i needed at the end of this day!!


  2. I LOVE all of your stories...thanks for being so detailed! I feel like I was watching the whole thing. I always look forward to reading about all of the preciousness!