Thursday, January 1, 2009

so mature..

ella kate is hot stuff! she somehow thinks that she has it going on... she can be the sweetest, kindest, biggest helper of a kid... but in the next breath she can put you in your place! she is so much lik her daddy.. they make me smile! tonight we went to run some errands and josiah was a little restless in the backseat.. ella kate reached for him and gently said, "it's ok 'siah, we almost there!" sweet girl... and poor little bubba had had enough of that carseat... we had ran errands all afternoon and i dont blame him for wanting to get out! we have a dvd movie thing in the car and it is a lifesaver in moments like that. you can pop in a praise baby, a baby einstein or barbie (yes... our sweet bubba loves him some barbie!!) and all is quiet in the backseat! but tonight, when the movie finished.. i think it was barbie christmas... ella kate told me, "momma... it's over, turn it off!! momma, the movie is over.." we have it plugged in up front next to us, so i reached and pulled out the cord to shut the dvd system down and ek said, "good girl, momma.. good girl!" bill and i just chuckled..

we are so blessed to have such a tight knit family. and our babies loves them so much! my sister lauren is yaya and erin is aunt AIR'n... so cute!! we also have a unk eck (uncle eric), mimi (who josiah renamed nini this week) and a poppa:) they are great!! yaya and josiah have a special bond.. always have, always will!! of course, ella kate loves yaya, but no one loves her more that sweet 'siah! and aunt AIR'n is extra special to ella kate these days b/c she has a cute little accessory.. baby eve!! but it seems like lately, ella kate has felt the need to put yaya in her place. one sunday afternoon at mimi's, ella kate apparently sassed off at me and i was unaware. but, lauren heard it and thumped ek on the head. she looked at her like she had lost her mind and said, "yaya... dont hit the head!!! understand?!!?" and this week, we were trying to round up our brood to get in the car and ek takes a squat in the front yard. you all know what that means....she has on a pull-up but apparently it is too late, so we give her a few minutes to wrap things up:) josiah didn't mind waiting on her, he just ran up and down the sidewalk and tripped and fell, and ran some more.. if we didn't hurry, he was gonna be dirty in no time.. such a boy! so, knowing that, lauren is trying to get her inside to changer her, but ella kate puts her hand up and says something like, "stop yaya, i am POOPIN'!!!"

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