Sunday, January 11, 2009

are all of my stories from the bathtub??

i am sure i have said before, that i am one of those moms who bathe their kids every night. bill and i shower or bathe every night before we go to bed, so why shouldn't our kids?!? i'm not really a germaphobe, but i do like for our babies to be clean! clean noses, clean faces, clean hands, clean fingernails... so when i think of all that our babies have come in contact with throughout the day, i can't help but want to wash it all off! so having said that... many of our cute conversations happen in the tub! like tonight... ella kate was looking at our conditioner bottle and was naming all the colors that she saw on the bottle. "wed, gween, byue... momma, say GOOD GIRL!!" (in a super cute, high pitch voice) "good girl ella kate..." i said. however that was not good enough. "no, momma, say GOOD GIRL!" she was wanting me to say 'good girl' in a very high, very dramatic, very enthusiastic voice:) so i did and then she said, "my knows my numbers.. right momma?" well... colors, numbers... same thing!
i know that most of my stories are about ella kate... and i try not be partial, but it is just that she is at an age where she interacts well and talks to you. josiah and miley are loved everybit as much as ek, they are just not vocal.... yet :) josiah is such a cutie! we had chicken nuggets for supper tonight and he had just one more in his hand that he was finishing off. so i let him bring it upstairs with him while they got in the tub. like i have said earlier, that hot bath water makes him go to the potty everytime! however tonight, when his feet hit the water, he started TT'ing immediately. he was still standing and i saw him trying to stick his chicken nugget in the stream, but everytime he would bend to get it in the stream, it would stop... pretty gross, but pretty cute at the same time! and sweet baby miley... we love that girl! she has been then best little addition to our family! she coo's and gurgles all the time and even laughed out loud this week! she LOVES her brother and sister... and as rough as they are with her, she still just smiles!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading this blog! Your kiddos just crack me up! Thanks for making me smile!