Sunday, January 11, 2009

yub, sweet yub

ella kate 'yubs' everything these days! she and josiah are really into music and dancing, and we have several cd's and dvd's that they sing along and dance to. one of which, happens to be barney! i know, i know... what i am doing.. allowing my kids to watch the big, purple dinosaur.. but they really like him! infact, tonight in the car, ella kate said, "momma, i yub barney! he's sweet!" then she proceeded to say, "i yub boys and girls, i yub da moon, i yub fren fries, i yub jesus... etc" basically, whatever came to her sweet little mind, she 'yubbed!" so, i told her that i loved her.. and she said, "no, my not yub you right now!" i was heart broken!! where did she get that from?!? then she told me to cry, so i played along and whimpered a little bit, and from her little seat in the back, i heard, "it's ok momma.. i yub you! you gonna be alwight!!"

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