Wednesday, January 28, 2009

we have a thumb sucker..

our sweet baby miley has found a new way to self-soothe... she has turned into a hardcore thumb sucker!! i mean, HARDCORE!! it is like she is sucking her skin off!! you can her her sucking and smacking all the way in the next room!! :) she's not hungry, she just has a mean, powerful suck:) but, i am not really sure how i feel about the thumb sucking... don't get me wrong, i think that it looks absolutely adorable and she also wont have to worry about her brother or sister snatching her passy or us forgetting to bring her passy when we leave the house....but i hear that it is next to impossible to break and i can't help but to think of all the germs that will be on her hands and fingers as she puts them in her mouth! yuck!! so GREAT... more germs and sickies...but hey, you can't keep your kids in a bubble!! and who knows.. this could just be a phase... but here she is in all her cuteness!! i love this baby girl...

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  1. Mack is a thumb-sucker. I think it is so cute! Ruby was a paci-addict, so I didn't offer it to Molly since they are only 14 months apart. I was scared Ruby would suck it as long as Molly did...who knows when it would have ended. Molly sucks her fingers at night. Mack (19 months younger than Molly) grabbed on to his thumb pretty early is so sweet. Josh tries to get him to stop. I, on the other hand, ask him "Where's your thumb?" when he gets fussy. :) It will pass eventually.