Wednesday, January 7, 2009


as i have mentioned earlier... my life is pretty routine! i start my day around 8:30 or 9:00, whenever the babies wake up, feed miley, change a poopy, eat breakfast, watch playhouse disney, change a poopy, lay miley back down, play downstairs, change a poopy, get the babies dressed, send ek and jos to their room to play by themselves, i get a bath and get dressed, feed miley, change a poopy, eat lunch, play some more,change a poopy, ek and jos NAP TIME, one on one with the squeaker, lay her down, i get to relax... (and fold laundry, clean up toys, clean kitchen, etc...) babies wake up, change a poopy, eat a snack, feed miley, play outside, wait for daddy to come home, change a poopy, cook supper (if i actually cook anything..), lay miley down, DADDY'S HOME, eat supper, change a poopy, ek and jos play with daddy, i clean up some more, feed miley, change a poopy, bath time, bed time, take the trash this time, it is 7:30 and i am pooped!! but i then hang out with daddy, go to bed and start all over again tomorrow!
here is a pic of ek during her 'room play time!!" i didn't hear her playing as usual so i go and peek in to check on her...she never falls asleep then, but looks like she was pooped too.. didn't even fully get on the bed:)

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