Sunday, January 25, 2009

cookie cutter fun times

since the babies have been sick, we have had a lot of sandwiches. i mean a LOT of sandwiches. so tonight for supper, we had yet another.. and i tried to be creative:) bill's mom had given me a box of cookie cutters when we were just dating. she told me that i would have kids one day and i would need them. so i brought them home and tucked them away in my hope chest and never even opened them until tonight. it was a box of 100, so the babies had a lot to choose from. i dumped them on the floor and let them ooh and ahh until they found the perfect one. ella kate picked an icecream cone which she called the "eyes green shop"(icecream shop) and luckily, josiah chose a boy one! he picked out a baseball and bat:) so off to the kitchen we went, to make our yummy shaped sandwiches! and who would've though that they gobbled them up and even asked for more! but since i ran out of bread, i let them make their initials out of cheese slices and they had sooo much fun! when ella kate would cut out a shape, she would say, "oh momma... it's perstick!! (perfect) she also found a tennis racket cutter and said, "hey.. this is your hair ryer!!" it looked nothing like a hair dryer to me, but i just went along with it... here are a few pics :)