Monday, January 5, 2009

today was quite busy..

so today i woke up not feeling quite the best... and i guess the lord knew what i needed to give me a little boost! this morning was rough, i was in yucky mood (so ready for this gloomy weather to pass!!), and the babies seemed to constantly bicker at each other, and sweet little miley, who NEVER makes a sound, was needing some mommy time.. and i just wanted to plug my ears and crawl back in bed!! i was even tempted to stick my babies on the front porch with a sign saying, FOR FREE!! just kidding :) lucky for them, (and me)...i said a little prayer calmed down a bit and was able to have some fun with them this afternoon.. ella kate says the darndest things and makes me laugh so easily:) after they woke up from their nap, the sun somewhat came out, and we were able to go outside and play. we have a ginormous swingset in the back, that my amazing hubby and bro-in law set up last year, but we recently had some trees cut down, and the back yard is atrocious!! so i grabbed a baby doll stroller, some sidewalk chalk and ek's new dora bike and we headed out the front door to play in the driveway! we drew a few scribbles and ek, jos and baby reindeer went to wal-mart and went 'shoppin' at the star'.. it was so cute! josiah apparently pooped b/c i heard ek say, "SHOOO-EEEE 'siah! you stink!!" that was his 3rd one of the day! (and that is normal! ) they were having the most fun playing together.. until a train came!!! we live right infront of some railroad tracks and that thing is SUPER loud if you are outside. and sure enough ella kate had a COW when it tooted his whistle! josiah kept on playing like nothing was going on.. but ek had huge crocodile tears and all. i tried to tell her that the train was nice, and was going bye-bye... that it wouldn't hurt her. it was almost immediately that she took ownership of that thing! soon after... it was ELLA KATE'S choo -choo! she told me that it was sweet and it was pink! then, she was fine! so next time that we are outside and the train comes, i will have to remind her that it is just her sweet, pink choo- choo that is going bye bye!after we played, we came inside to eat supper. bill has a meeting and wont be home til later, so i didn't cook anything... and was just gonna throw something together! i decided to make a fried bologna sandwich with cheetos and applesauce (yummy huh??) so i handed the babies their sandwiches, only to hear ella kate say,"hmmm.. lets see here.." she picked it up and studied it as if it were a foreign object to her. (we have had these several times before) she took a big bite and said, "yum momma!! my yike it! it's delicious!!" so i replied... "oh yeah?? i am so glad you like it! you are so sweet to be eating your sandwich." "no, momma ella kate's not sweet... my's a big girl!!" so we were going back and forth like this throughout supper. josiah decided to shove his whole sandwich in his mouth and it must have hit his hangy-ball or something b/c he gagged himself!! ella kate looked at him and said, "goodness 'siah, be careful buddy! you gonna choke all day!"


  1. EK is the perfect age. she is hilarious!

  2. Your kids are cute! I love reading about them