Tuesday, April 21, 2009

our big kids

my mom and i were talking about how funny it is that bill and i refer to ella kate and josiah as the 'big kids'. for instance, i'll ask bill "to play outside with the 'big kids' while i feed the baby". or he'll ask, "are we going to bathe the baby or the 'big kids' first"?!
it is pretty sad when your 1 yr old and 2 yr old are no longer referred to as the babies... but in actuality, they are babies!! when we talk about them as a whole, we refer to the whole clan as 'the babies'. like, "the babies are sick", or "we took the babies to the park". you get the picture!!
so.. anyways, i am not really sure why i just blogged about this. i guess, it was just fresh on my mind from talking about it with my mom and i felt like sharing! oh well:) now, i am off to play outside with josiah. ella kate is at mother's day out with my mom and miley is napping... maybe i'll get some cute pics of the little booger and blog some more later.... ciao! (isn't that how you spell chow???)

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