Sunday, April 12, 2009

our not so "spring" break!

bill and i took the babies on a much needed vacation this past week! we have a sweet friend who has a lake house up in the mountains of north georgia, and offered it to us for spring break. we jumped at the idea of a 'getaway' and as an added bonus.. some dear friends moved to that area about 2 years ago and we could spend some time with them and their 4 kids while we were there! so, after packing up everything in the house except the kitchen sink, we loaded up and headed out monday afternoon. it was a decent ride up there. the babies were pretty well behaved and content until the last 30 minutes or so.. then, bill had to ride with them in the backseat to entertain them. such a good daddy:) so when we arrived in the mountains, we were greeted by.... SNOW! it was beautiful and coming down pretty hard, but come on! it is april and snow is just not neccessary! bill and ella kate were thrilled and she even told me that snow meant that santa and the reindeer were coming!! (and we dont even play into santa at home). oh well.... so we get to the beautiful house and try to unload. the house was perfect and had sooo much to get us excited about. there was a double decker dock complete with porch swings and comfy chairs, windchimes and all things soothing! there were also 4 or 5 boats... including a pontoon (sp?) kayak and canoe... they all looked like so much fun:) but it was now night time and snowing, so we had to get beds and sleeping arrangements ready. ella kate had her own room and slept in her own bed, josiah had his own room but slept in a pack and play and miley (poor thing) slept on the floor in our closet:( she was not a happy girl! the first night was a NIGHTMARE!! miley and ella kate alternated waking up every hour!! not fun! sweet bubba adjusted quite well and slept 14 hrs!! ella kate, however was coming in our room all throughout the night crying and saying that she wanted to go home and sleep in her bed! it was pitiful! and i think miley was just uncomfortable... but who could blame her?? needless to say, we were exhausted the next day and we woke up to none else but, more SNOW!! it was like a blizzard in the sky.. coming down in sheets! i was not a happy camper! keep in mind that this is our spring break, so momma packed for spring break. meaning... i brought bathing suits and sunscreen!! they each had one longsleeve outfit and thankfully their jackets were already in the car. so i sucked in my pouty lip and touched up my puffy, tired eyes and tried to make the best of it, after all we were on vacation... weren't we? so we ended up meeting with our friends that day and let all the kids play. ella kate was acting so unusual and clingy. i just thought that she was tired from being up ALL night, but we decided to take her temp just incase, and she had a fever of 102!!! what in the world?? she was pitiful, so we headed back to the lake house and bathed them all and put them to bed by 6pm. our friends came over later on and we had pizza and talked. it was so good to spend time with them. they soon had to leave, and we settled in for the night. this night turned out better than the night before, but ella kate was still having a hard time. seeing her so distraught really made me sad. she just wanted her house, her bed and her toys. i can appreciate that... i'm a homebody too! the next day, there was no snow.. but it was still pretty chilly out. too cold to play outside, but we were getting stir crazy in the house with no toys and no tv. ella kate's fever was gone so we decided to go and eat at chick-fil-a and let them play. the whole time and i mean WHOLE time we were at chick-fil-a, josiah had a screaming fit. it was like he was in pain and something was hurting him, but we had no idea what it was. he was just sitting there in bill's lap not doing anything. it was so weird. everyone was looking at us and i could feel my face getting red. he couldn't tell us what was wrong, but nothing that we did helped. he was ridiculously loud, so bill left and sat with him in the car while ek and i finished eating. i just wanted to cry... i dont do well in situations like that. my initial response is to take them to the bathroom and spank them, but you could tell that he was in pain. it wasn't his usual whiney cry. so i was ready to go! not just leave chick-fil-a, but leave the mountains...period! not one aspect of this trip was relaxing or restful. i was more stressed being there, then i would have been at home. so we went back to the lake house, loaded up everything, bathed the babies and hit the road. and it was a LONG ride home. we thought that we had timed it right this time, by traveling at bedtime in hopes that they would all sleep but... WRONG!!! ella kate fell asleep pretty quickly, but josiah was still going strong! his eyes were glued open and he kept nudging ella kate in her seat, wanting her to play with him. he calls her KK.. it is so sweet! and miley, again, wanted her bed. she is a belly sleeper as well as a thumb sucker, and had a hard time finding her thumb while on her back in her carrier. it exhausts me just writing about it!! but thankfully, after many hours and many tears we were HOME!!! hallelujah! we moved the babies from the car to their beds and they didn't wake up until 10am the next morning!! talk about sleepy babies! so, bill and i have come to the conclusion that traveling with 3 babies 2 and under is just not what it is cracked up to be and just because it is spring break at a lake house in the mountains, you are not gauranteed a good tan!

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