Sunday, April 19, 2009

little stinker..

i have said it before, but miley is our little thumb sucker. she also is a belly sleeper and has no problems finding her thumb when sleeping. however, when she is on her back, whether she is in her car seat or swing or laying on her back, she can only find her thumb if she has a blanket. it is so sweet to watch as she brings the blanket up to her rub against her face, all of a sudden she realizes her thumb is there and she goes to town! well, tonight after i bathed her and josiah, i layed her down on the floor with her towel wrapped around her and began to get josiah dried off and dressed for bed. when i look back at her, she has pulled the towel over her face (like a blanket) so she could find her thumb. precious baby. it scared me at first, thinking that maybe she couldn't breathe. so i peeked under the towel, and who is surprised that she was all smiles:)

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