Friday, April 17, 2009

fun times..

yesterday was ANOTHER great day! beautiful weather, well-behaved kids, my to-do list was all accomplished, and we even had some friends come over for supper... i love days like that:) no one got a spanking all day AGAIN!! whoop whoop!! and my sweet hubby surprised me by coming home an hour early and he had in his hand.. none else, but a CARAMEL FRAPPUCCINO from starbucks (my favorite!) needless to say, we were all in a great mood! having said all of that... i was bathing ella kate last night all by herself. the little two were already bathed and sleeping. (she was up later than usual b/c we had some friends over, and they have a little boy who is her age.. and they played so well together! it was too cute!) so i am washing her hair and we were talking about how much fun she had with brayden. he has a birthday coming up and she said that she wanted to give him a barbie for his birthday, and that he would "yub that":) then out of the blue and completely serious, she looks as me and says, "momma, my's had a really HARD day!" and shook her head like she was exhausted!! oh my.. this child is something else! here is a pic of her and brayden playing last night.. they were precious!

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