Tuesday, April 14, 2009

he really can be a sweet boy!!

look at that sweet face! i promise you that he can be the sweetest little boy in the whole world, but in a split second he can drive you NUTS!! several people have told me that i need to go and get a birth order book. apparently, he acts just like a typical 2nd born child... plus he is a boy, so i can't compare him to our girls! but our josiah william is a super sensitive, strong willed, sweet yet shy little charmer:) i feel bad that he is caught in the middle of the girls. always striving for attention, and falls apart if things aren't the way that they 'should'. he is our whiner/crier... but he also is our little cuddle bug. he will snuggle and let you kiss him all day long... precious! but, if a toy doesn't work the way he wants it to, or if he is overwhelmed by a group of people or change of scenery he MELTS! and i mean, falling to the floor with tears EVERYWHERE! we are hoping that this is just a phase, but the lord created josiah this way for a reason. so we pray that we as parents, will steer him along with wisdom in how we handle/discipline him everyday. he is a special boy and we love our bubba!

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