Friday, April 17, 2009

they are all his..

ok, so i have noticed that every new mom brings their baby home and 'picks apart' the features that are hers and the features that are her husbands. you know, for instance the baby has her eyes but has his nose. well, apparently i dont have a baby that looks 'just like me!' and that's ok. EVERYWHERE we go and let me say it again, EVERYWHERE we go people tell me that all 3 of our babies look just like their daddy. which i am not complaining. i think that bill davis is the hottest man on this earth, so i am thrilled that our babies apparently look like him. to me, all 3 of our kids look so different. i think that miley is a blending factor that makes ella kate and josiah look like they could be siblings. she favors ella kate, but has josiah's colorings. but if people know what my parents look like, then they say that ella kate looks like my mom, and josiah looks just like my dad. but to the people at wal-mart and kroger and wherever else we go, they all look like bill. i have even had people tell me that i had nothing to do with them. but, i beg to differ:) i remember the labor and delivery with each little davis, so apparently i had SOMETHING to do with them:) but they ARE our babies and i think that they are perfect and beautiful no matter who they look like. but, i still have my fingers crossed that maybe #4 will have just one feature of mine... :)here are pics of miley and bill from yesterday. she looks more and more like him everyday:)

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