Wednesday, April 15, 2009

spaghetti picnic night..

so this week has been super busy and it is only wednesday! we have had a lonely supper (without bill) all week! monday he went straight from work to a meeting until 830 or so, tuesday he went straight from work to the hopsital to visit a family until almost 10, and tonight he went straight from work to prayer meeting. until this morning, he hadn't seen josiah or miley since sunday!! busy busy busy! thankfully he stayed home for a bit this morning to spend time with us... anyways, i wanted to spice up supper and take advantage of this beautiful day! so i made some spaghetti and cheesy bread and took it outside:) apparently, the babies forgot ALL table manners ... they were shoving their food in by the fistfuls!! josiah would hold his fork with his left hand, and with his right hand was grabbing the spaghetti and stuffing his face:) miley chilled out on a blanket watching all of the mayhem:)then after they ate, they played tag, ring around the rosie and tickled each other. they got along UNBELIEVABLY well!! it was amazing:) they are so much more enjoyable like that! as a matter of fact, they were great all day..... neither one got a spanking, and that is a miracle in and of itself:) thank you jesus, for the sunshine and sweet babies!!

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