Thursday, April 2, 2009

not so bad..

josiah woke up this morning and he didn't look near as bad as i thought that he would! the dr said that his nose wasn't broken, but most likely he would get 2 black eyes and some more swelling:(
but thankfully, he looks better... and more importantly, he feels good!! still smiley and happy:) thank you, jesus! here are some pics from last night's bath and this morning after he woke up! it still makes me hurt just looking at the poor little guy... but he is one tough little stinker!!


  1. k--
    you will be surprised how touch our lil boys can be.
    elijah hit his nose/in btw his eyes like that a couple of months ago - and i thought surely he would be black-eyed & swollen...however, he just had one little scratch on the outside of his eye!
    i thank the lord that he made us so tough!!!

  2. Oh it hurt me physically to look at these pictures on facebook. Poor bubba 'Siah! I miss you guys terribly and hope to see you soon. Next week will be crazy, but we may have to squeeze some coffee in somewhere!! Love you lots! Give those babies hugs and kisses for me!
    ~miss orange. :)