Saturday, April 4, 2009

girls night out..

my sister lauren (a.k.a. yaya) called and asked if i could go with her to find an easter dress friday night. i hadn't been feeling well all week, so i needed the fresh air and change of scenery. usually the babies go to bed at 7pm, but ella kate had a good nap that day and wasn't really sleepy so we decided to bring her with us. and let me tell you...she thought that she was HOT STUFF! she was sooo well behaved, and well mannered, and she kept us laughing!! of course, there were times where she wanted to push the buggy and not ride in it, she hid in some of the clothes racks and asked us "hey yaya and momma... where's ella kate??" we would see a whole rack of clothes shaking and giggling, and we always knew where she was hiding:) and she even got to try on some big girl dresses with us! she and yaya would hold hands and run through the parking lot, either to the car or to the store, and i would comment on how "fast" ella kate was running.... she loved it! she was HOT STUFF, remember? as the night was ending, i wanted join in on the running. yaya and i each had one of ella kate's hands and we took off running to another store. without skipping a beat, ella kate said, "girls, you are really fast runners!" it was so cute. she wanted to encourage our speed, just like i had been encouraging hers all night:) then when, yaya was getting her out of the car for the last store, ella kate said with a big smile and enthusiastic voice "yaya, i cannot BELIEVE you are gettin' me out!!" she is so animated... so dramatic... it makes me tired just thinking about all of her energy:) it was a fun night... although i am sure that lauren and i were more tired and pooped than the 2 yr old, who was up way past her bedtime:)

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