Wednesday, April 22, 2009

because my's not tired!

almost every wednesday i take myself and the babies to our good friend's house for lunch. she has 3 kids also, so we try and catch up on our girl talk while the kids play. notice i said TRY:) we get a few words in here and there (in between spankings and breaking up fights/spats)... but it is a lot of fun and something we all look forward:) usually,we come home right at nap time and the babies are exhausted.. there is something about playing with other kids' toys and being in a new environment that just wears them out. but, this afternoon ella kate told me, "baby mi-ey and 'siah's gonna go night-night, but my's not tired! i fink i need to play with my toys downstairs." i didn't really care if she napped or not today. usually if she skips a nap, then she is ready to go to bed earlier:) and i love that! so i told her that she needed to be quiet and play, and if she got too loud than i would need for her to go to her room. she agreed, and i went upstairs to our room to check my email. i heard her playing at first, then it got quiet... i mean, really quiet! i went down to make sure she wasn't in josiah's room or doing something that she wasn't supposed to do, and this is what i saw...

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  1. This is precious! What a sweet baby girl! You need to write a book. You could probably even get by with just doing a picture book with all the funny ones you have. Cute cute babies!