Sunday, April 5, 2009

can i wear these jammies??

ok... please don't judge me from this post, but i had to share this with someone! tonight, i was bathing the babies and had miley and josiah on the floor drying them off, and lathering them up with lotion. ella kate was waiting patiently for her turn and was behind me looking through our dresser drawers. she sometimes likes to wear a t-shirt of ours to bed, and since it swallows her whole, she thinks it is a perfect nightgown! i was about done with the little 2, when i hear ella kate ask, " hey momma, can i wear these jammies tonight?" i turn around to see what she picked out and cannot even believe my eyes! oh my...
and yes... she is still wearing it! (we are waiting for daddy to come home and see her!! ) you gotta love her...


  1. I can't stop laughing! I LOVE this...she is too cute. What did you guys do for entertainment before she came along?

  2. Why hasn't anyone else commented? I think this is the most hillarious thing I've seen in weeks! I pull it up everyday so I can smile!