Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter fun:)

the babies have had horrible allergy issues lately. bill took the babies to the afterhours clinic on saturday after all 3 had temps of 102 this week. sneezing and coughing and just miserable! but the dr said it was allergies, and that there was nothing that we could do for them since they are all still small. ella kate is feeling much better and hasn't had a fever since tuesday, but josiah and miley are still a little icky. i stayed home from church with them this morning, but since it is miley's first easter, i still dressed them up and took some pics! we also have had several egg hunts too! and ella kate is so funny... she only gets the pretty eggs! she picks up the pink and purple eggs and leaves the 'ugly' colors for someone else! i have tried all month to convince her that an egg is an egg and she needs to collect them all! and this weekend, she actually got some other colors! we also dyed some eggs this week and the rule was that if you were 2 and under, you had to be naked. i didn't want to ruin any clothes with the food coloring! the babies loved it! they didn't realize how fragile the eggs were, so they were all dropped and cracked within the first few seconds. ella kate wanted to taste the pink one, and about gagged when she bit into it! so, she threw that one to the dogs for them to eat. (they loved it!) then, josiah saw that feeding the dogs looked like fun and decided to feed them a little more eggs! (i can only imagine how gassy they were that night! eww!) although they were naked, they still managed to get messy so we filled their baby pool up with warm water and bathed them right there in the drive way:) it was a fun night! i am sure that i will post some more about our conversations later...

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