Wednesday, April 15, 2009

this baby is loved!

ella kate is such a SWEET big sister and helper with miley! and our little bubba has proven that he has a special place in his heart for his baby sister as well:) they are constantly kissing her and making her giggle. miley's chubby face lights up as soon as she sees them... it is the sweetest thing to watch! the other day, miley was in her swing downstairs and josiah had a poopy diaper... go figure! the boy can poop 3 times a day, easily!! anyways, he was getting a little bit of a rash, so i went upstairs to change him b/c the butt paste was up in our room. ANYWHO! long story short... ella kate followed us upstairs and miley was sad that she was left alone. so i asked ella kate if she could go down there and talk to miley and make her happy. she said "sure", then hollered down the stairs, "it's ok baby miley, kk's coming!" (josiah calls ella kate 'kk' now, so that is what she calls herself too:) it's cute!) then she gets down there and i hear miley squeal and ella kate told her, "hey.. my's right here!! my's gonna tickle you!!"
it made me smile! she is one lucky baby to have such a sweet big sister! i just hope that it lasts!! :)

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