Tuesday, April 21, 2009

today so far..

and it is only lunch time!!!

josiah and i went out in the yard to play with his cars/trucks. they are his new favorite toys and we are happy that he is playing with 'boy' things:) he rode them up and down the brick wall. cute. he really concentrates hard as he is moving them. they keep him busy for a while now:)we also worked on his colors. green, blue, red and yellow. we are far from perfecting them, but i will make sure i video tape him saying them soon. he really does try hard... and he talks so cute! i brought his lunch outside, but it didn't quite work out that well. he ended up dropping his sandwich on the sidewalk and then smearing into the concrete. lovely. so we went back inside and i made him a hot dog and woke miley up to feed her lunch. after they ate, we went into ella kate's room so i could clean up some of her books and straighten it up a bit. somehow, in the midst of climbing up on her bed looking for something to play with, jos accidentally pressed her barbie to start singing. apparently last night ella kate decided to take her dress off, so josiah has this naked plastic creature with crazy hair singing this ridicoulsly loud song at him and he FREAKS out! i'm talking screaming and scurrying off the bed and running for dear life! HILARIOUS! most sweet moms would comfort their distraught child and hide whatever was scaring them.... but i couldn't help myself!! it was sooo funny and i couldn't keep from laughing. i dont have a clue how she did it, but barbie kept 'appearing' wherever josiah was and would sing and each time it startled him! i'm such a mean mom. i really do love my babies, but i needed that laugh today:) and josiah is no longer scared of her and will pretty soon be singing "connected" with her and ella kate!

after josiah learned to always run from naked girls made of plastic, i started to put some of ella kate's shoes back in her armoire. when i opened the door, there in the middle of her shoes was one of bill's. cute.

it reminded me of a time when she was about 18mo old. i went to the pantry to start cooking supper, and she had put one of her pretend canned goods in the middle of mine:) such a little momma!

by this time, josiah was no longer with me. and that is never a good sign! so, i went to the kitchen and found that he hiding with a little snack.

he loves him some teddy grahams, and so do i:) he actually shared a few with me! then he wanted to share some with baby miley, but instead of giving her a cookie, i put her in his lap for a quick pic!

sweet boy.. and here is one last pic of miley hanging out and smiling:)

overall, a productive morning! lots of laughs and playtime, supper is cooking, house is clean, laundry is done, and now babies are napping! i am off to take a quick shower and look somewhat presentable for when the hubby gets home! ek should be here any minute from school and i am sure she will have something funny to say...

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  1. He's already running from girls--plastic or not...you should be thrilled :)Too cute