Wednesday, August 31, 2011

bubba 'siah

i was feeding adalyn up on my bed this morning when josiah walks into my room. his eyes light up and he says, "hey! i didn't get to kiss the baby yet this year." he runs over to us, gets in her face and says, "good morning, sunshine!! did you sweep good? i missed you while you was sweeping! did you miss josiah?" he kissed her all over her hands, face and and head when i asked him, "you sure do love adalyn, don't ya?" he nodded his head yes then said, "she's my best fwiend! she is the best baby EVER!!" it is so sweet to see... adalyn is so loved:) i am anxious to see how the sibling relationships unfold. i wonder if she will care for him as much as he does for her. right now, she smiles and laughs at all of them. but i wonder if she will favor one over the other... we shall see!

the other day, my big 3 were coloring at the kitchen table. i was cooking supper and adalyn was upstairs napping. ella kate was coloring bill a christmas picture, "'cause daddy LOVES christmas time!" when she was done, she asked josiah where he put the winnie the pooh stickers. he went to the pile of books where he had supposedly laid them down earlier. he looked and looked but couldn't find them. he then tapped his chin with his pointer finger and said, "hmmmm..... inch-ess-ting!" (interesting)

we had a fun, family, movie night last night! all six of us piled up on our queen size bed and watched a christmas movie. (i am married to one of santa's elves, remember??) the kids loved it. we were all snuggled together and filled with holiday cheer until josiah ruined it for me. he was laying on my thighs with his hands/arms wrapped around me. we were all enjoying ourselves until i noticed josiah gently shaking his hand on my leg trying to make it jiggle. he didn't say a word but i could tell that he got a kick out of it. i tried to quietly flex my leg to make it jiggle less, but it didn't help any. i had all kinds of tidal waves rolling up and down my thighs. it made me so self conscious that i had to get up and put some pajama pants on!! ha! thanks a lot buddy:) needless to say, i started my lunges again today!

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