Thursday, August 25, 2011

fun family hike!

after supper tonight, bill asked us if we wanted to go on a walk and see some waterfalls. the canal is close to our house, so we all loaded up and headed out! it was adalyn's first time riding in our back-pack carrier and she was perfect! (who's surprised??) sweet moment... her eyes are changing colors:) they might be brown like EK's afterall!!

adalyn and i hung out on the rocks while bill and the big kids put their feet in the water. do you see those "caves" under the bridge? well, miley REALLY wanted to go in them and kept telling us, "it's not scary in dare! da snakes are berry nice!! let's go see!!"

remember, they were just wanting to touch the water, but who wants to get only their feet wet? :) in less than a minute, all 4 of them were soaken wet!

some of these turned out blurry, but their expressions are priceless!!

the kids did SO well with all of the walking and "hiking". i was especially surprised by miley. she and josiah lead the way for most of our time!

we had so much fun! and as usual, i took too many pics:)

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