Thursday, August 11, 2011

that ella kate is a mess!

ok.. so my cute, sneaky little helper girl is at it again!! we were on our way to the bank this afternoon when i asked all 3 of the big kids to go potty. i was changing adalyn's diaper on my bed while ella kate went potty in my bathroom. i couldn't see her, but i heard her SAY, "ppsssshhhhh...." she waited a few seconds then walked out of the bathroom fixing her dress, saying, "ok! i went potty!" did she really think that her SAYING and making the "pssshhhh" sound really sounded like her using the restroom?? and did she really think that i was going to buy it??? ((sigh))

so after that lie was dealt with, we all lined up by the front door to leave. as soon as i opened the door, a wasp flew in. my kids (of course) started freaking out. i was holding adalyn, but ended up having to lay her down on the floor in the girls room by the front door so that i could deal with this flying tormentor! he was hovering in the foyer and i didn't want to lose sight of him, so i just had to put her where i thought that she would be safe. WRONG!! i swung at the wasp with our broom and although i hit him, he flies into the girls room and lands next to adalyn's head on the floor. i mash the broom on top of him and ask ella kate to come here. she is freaking out and on the verge of tears but as soon as i tell her that i need her help, she smiles and calms down. i ask her to VERY CAREFULLY pick adalyn up off of the floor and VERY GENTLY lay her down on the girls' bunk beds. she did just what i asked!! i was so proud of her and she was just beaming:) she laid her down on the bottom bunk and then hovered on top of her "to not let the bug bite her!" i lifted up the broom to see a mad wasp still trying to fly away. so i kept beating him and beating him until his wings were barely moving! (and anyone who knows me, KNOWS that this is impressive!!) i was so afraid that i was going to beat a hole in the floor, but this dumb thing wouldn't die and i sure wasn't going to let him "bite" one of my babies:) so after a few more poundings, he gets stuck in the bristles of the broom, so i open the door and throw the broom in the front yard:) billy d can handle that when he gets home! ha! my mom is highly allergic to wasp stings, and although bill and i aren't allergic, it makes me nervous to think that one of my kids could be. and i just didn't want to risk it. ANYHOO... i say all of that because when i walked back into the girls room after i threw out the broom, ella kate runs to me and says, "mom!! you're a GIRL HERO!!!! and aren't you so proud of me for saving adalyn?? i was so careful!! i didn't drop her!! are you gonna tell daddy what a big helper i was?? i can't believe i SAVED THE DAY!!!!!" she was so proud! she then threw her arms up in the air and said, "girl powder is on the case!!!" :)

and one more thing: my mom took her and jos to get their birthday presents from target yesterday. she took miley too, but her birthday isn't until october. so ella kate picked out this cute little stuffed dog that has it's own carrying purse. it also has some other things like a stethoscope, a note pad, a "fleesh" (collar), and a "tish-ya" (tissue).

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  1. i am cracking up at this story b/c i #1 can totally envision you beating the broom on the floor then just throwing the whole thing out the door and # 2 b/c i would do exactly the same thing! LOL!!