Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Josiah!

this cute thing walked into our bedroom this morning asking, "momma, am i 4 yet??" i told him yes and he smiled the biggest smile:) he then said, "but is L-kate still 4?" his smile faded some when i told him yes again. "but hey! i fought i was supposed to be 4... L-kate needs to be 5 now!" this is so confusing to them! for 2 weeks out of every year, they are the same age. ella kate walks into my room by this time and says, "yeah, 'siah i am still 4. but i am a big 4 and you are just a little 4!" that big sister always has an answer for everything:) josiah wanted cinnamon rolls for breakfast, so we put some candles on them and sang... he LOVED it:)
yaya took josiah on a "date" and he said that that was the best part of his whole birthday:) they went to yaya's school, the "wibrary", the mall, chick-fil-a, and target!! he came home with a full belly, some soft cookies, new clothes and a new toy! thanks yaya... you are great:)i love my boy.. my kids LOVE getting mail! my aunt faith (who my kids call aunt thaithy) is always the best at mailing them cards. josiah was THRILLED to get a bob the builder card and "tickets" (dollars) :) thanks so much faith!! we love you! josiah got to pick out the restaurant for his birthday supper, so he chose "cocker bawell" (cracker barrel). he and his daddy LOVE that place:) overall, i would say that his 4th birthday was a success! josiah and ella kate are having a joint birthday party next week, so i will keep y'all updated on that!!
we are so thankful for you, sweet bubba siah!! we love you so much and hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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  1. i'm afraid that pic of bill and josiah means they went to cracker barrell without their shirts on!!! :)