Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ella kate is 5!!

miss priss wanted cupcakes for her birthday breakfast, but we settled for some muffins:)her daddy gave her a little gold ring that was actually mine when i was a little girl. it is in the shape of a heart and she LOVES it!
she kept saying, "that was so sweet of you to give me this ring!"we took jos to preschool, miley was with mrs lori and nana watched adalyn so ella kate and i could have a "girl's morning!" first stop was starbucks!! she has been wanting her own frappuccino for a while, so today she got her very first one! (thanks cynthia for the gift card!) she picked a strawberries and cream drink with a pink cake pop!however, starbucks isn't really the place for an energetic, excited, 5 year old. so we didn't stay very long:) our next stop.... the nail salon!!!

when we got there, we were 3rd in line and had to wait a few minutes. she was so excited!! at one point while we were waiting, she told me, "momma, i am so excited i just want to kick everybody out of the way!!" then when it was finally her turn to sit in the chair, she said, "i can't believe we're here!! i'm being so brave!!" she picked out a sparkly blue/green for her toes and a sparkly purple for her fingers! $13 later, we were done and we had the best time! i asked her how it felt to be 5 and she said, "i feel a little bigger. i almost feel like a mom!" :)the 2 of us ate lunch at home. she requested a fried bologna sandwich and some watermelon:) simple enough? although when bill came home from work, she asked him, "daddy, can we go to cracker barrel for my birthday dinner?? or.. is that too expensive??" sweet girl. i'm not gonna lie. money is tight... as it is for many of you. but someone (who will stay anonymous) decided to be blessing to us, and allowed my birthday girl to have her 'pancake, fried okra, mac-n-cheese, and applesauce' dinner of choice! thank you!!!

true story: what better way to finish off your 5th birthday, than to wear your little brother's underwear to bed b/c your mom hasn't tackled the mountain of laundry and there are aren't anymore clean little girl panties:) all in all it was a wonderful day!! i am so thankful that we were able to spend some girly time together!! i love my girl!! i cannot imagine how boring life would be without our ella kate!! we love her to pieces!! happy birthday sweet girl!! i cannot believe that you are "a whole hand!"

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA KATE...I remember when she was born..I was so uncomfortable and waiting for my little Luke to arrive...But he wasn't coming til November...And what a special day!!!