Friday, August 26, 2011

walking the dogs

adalyn is going through a very nosey phase right now... or maybe it is just that my kids are always loud and obnoxious during her feeding times! she has to look and watch her older siblings and their crazy shenanigans, and it turns into this long, drawn out process. anyhoo... i have resorted to "hiding in my room" just so i can nurse her in peace:) so just now, as i am feeding her, i hear ella kate downstairs saying, "come'er puppy! good girl! no, no dog! quit that!!" i am listening. hoping that our dogs are not in the house. then i hear josiah gagging and coughing, so i call for them to come and see me. then, in walks this..... meet the "momma girl and her 2 puppies!" who knew those toy stethoscopes were so versatile? :) josiah's is a little more snug than miley's, though. so whenever ella kate yanks his "fleash", it hits his adam's apple and makes him gag:)
ha! oh, the imaginations they have!! i love it!
oh, wait. now, they are no longer dogs. i just saw her put her two "horseys" to bed in their bunk beds. she just told them, "now, go to sleep horseys. i don't want to hear you nay'n!!"

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