Monday, August 22, 2011

a few more..

tonight ella kate handed me an envelope for "cooking a good supper!" i opened it up and found a dollar:)

bill tries to "date" our kids as often as he can. since i am able to stay home with them during the day, he wants to make sure that he is spending quality time with them, too. last week, he took josiah to the savannah rapids and walked around. tonight, he took miley to burger king to get a $1 icee and a teddy bear ring from the quarter machine:) easy enough! so as they were sitting across from each other in the booth, sporting their burger king crowns, bill starts asking miley what some colors are. (she has always struggled with certain colors). he pointed to something brown and asked her what color it was. she said, "purple?" "no, this one is brown. what about this one." pointing to something green, and she guessed right! then orange, yellow, pink.... after she said all of those he pointed back to the brown and she said, "purple?" "no, this one is brown. remember?" being her cute, sassy self she replies ," ok. it's brown. but i really fink it's purple." :)

tonight after i bathed the kids, ella kate asked if she could sit and hold adalyn for a second. as soon as she gets her, adalyn starts sucking on ella kate's bare chest. "uhhhh mom?? i think the baby is hungry and i can't feed her 'cause i don't have any mommy nickels!"

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