Tuesday, August 9, 2011

silly, silly girl!

yesterday and today have been difficult for ella kate. she has been so manipulative and sneaky. for instance, i heard her whisper to miley yesterday, "miley, if you don't do *something*, then chuck.e cheese is gonna come get you!!" of course miley starts crying because, "chuck-uh-cheese" scares her to death!! (we have only been twice, but have NO plans to visit in the near future.) and for lunch today, i had asked them to finish their chicken before they eat their yogurt, but then i see out of the corner of my eye, ella kate shove her last two pieces of chicken onto josiah's plate then yell to me, "momma! i'm done! i'm the winner!!" what?? i decided to pull her aside in the other room and talk to her about being a cheater and liar. i was trying to get to the bottom of her "issues" the past 2 days. she looked at me so sincerely, with tears in her eyes and says, "i don't know why i am acting this way, momma. i think i am just growing up and forgetting how to obey. i'm just a silly, silly girl who forgets a lot." she shakes her head and hangs it low, looking at the floor. O.M.G! i have to look away, because i am about to bust out in laughter!! i dont even know how to respond!! i feel like she is being manipulative again, so i lean down closer to her and say, "well, maybe we can pray and ask Jesus to help us remember to obey and to do what is right!" she looks up and smiles and says, "momma!! i think that is a GREAT idea! that really is great! let's do that, and not have to tell daddy!!" ((sigh)) please pray for me. pray that i will be the momma that i need to be to help this silly, silly girl!!

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