Tuesday, August 16, 2011


preschool started this week and miley and josiah were super excited to go back! miley is in the 2's and she goes a couple of mornings out of the week. so far, she has LOVED it!! she adores her teacher, mrs. lori! and i have a hunch that the feeling is mutual:)

here's the sassafrass on her first day of school!josiah is in pre-k now and he LOVES it, too! he has mrs. tk, who is ella kate's best friend and teacher from last year:) in the car yesterday morning, ella kate told him,"now, 'siah... you are gonna have a GREAT day! i was a little scared at first, but mrs. tk is so nice. and you get to do centers, and play outside and eat lunch with your friends!" :)after much prayer and consideration, bill and i have decided that i will keep ella kate home with me and home school. she has a late birthday, (aug 24) and i was struggling so bad with the fact of sending her to the public school that we are zoned for. part of me didn't feel that she was ready, and the other part of me was scared for the environment that she would be in. i don't know how long i will home school her or my other kids, but i do feel that right now, this is what i am supposed to do. so we will just take it year by year:)

......and lastly, i will leave you with this smiley face:)ella kate picked out this outfit for adalyn. she says she looks like rainbow sherbert:)

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