Thursday, August 18, 2011

car ride conversations..

on the way to pick up miley and josiah from preschool today, ella kate was talkin' up a storm. first, she wanted to play a guessing game. she would ask questions like, "momma, who is a girl and has orange hair and is really pretty and has a little brother that is a big boy?" i didn't have a clue who she was talking about! i started guessing random people and she would shake her head no every time. then she said, "we are fixin' to see her momma at school." i smiled and knew who she was talking about so i said, "brittney??" (mrs tk's daughter) she excitedly said, "YES!! that's it!!" then she said, "i got another one. who has long brown hair, green eyes and has a LOT, a LOT a LOT of kids and one of them is a baby?" i named a few people before i said me, then she smiled and said, "you are so smart! it IS you!!" :)

that game lasted a while until we saw a lady in an electric wheelchair riding down the side of the road. ella kate was amazed and shouted, "look!! that poor, little, old lady is riding a motorcycle chair!! she better be careful!!" i said, "i know, maybe we should pray and ask god to keep her safe." she said, "ok. let me do it.... dear god, thank you for this day and please help this poor, little, old lady to see, so she wont get runned over by a car! 'cause that would really, REALLY hurt! amen." :)

when we picked up the other kids and got everyone buckled up and on the road, miley pulled out her prize that she got from treasure box. "look momma! mrs. lori gave me this 'cause i obey da first time!" (we've been working with our kids about 1st time obedience. i read something somewhere that said, 'delayed obedience is STILL disobedience.' ouch! so we have been trying our best to train our kids to obey the FIRST time when they are told to do something. needless to say, it is a work in progress:) ) miley then said, "i'mma good drawler. i'mma draw you da gwinch!! (grinch) and he's gonna scare ya 'cause he's not berry nice!!" and then there is my sweet sweet jos.....

it takes us about 25 minutes to get to their preschool on the other side of town. and when we were about half way there this morning, josiah's flip flop breaks. he was playing with it in the backseat and was almost in tears when the strap broke off:( i didn't know if i should turn around and go all of the way back home to get some more shoes, or if i should just pull in to wal-mart somewhere and unload all of the kids to get another pair of cheap shoes for him to wear. (i really didn't want to do either...) but i pulled into target and started to get the double stroller out when i saw a pair of miley's crocs. BINGO!! i brought them around to jos and said, "look here buddy, these are blue!! i need you to wear these for me today, and maybe we can get you a lollipop after school!" who said bribery never worked?!? :) i had to pull out all of the jewels that were on them. it was bad enough sending my boy to school in girl shoes, so i HAD to take off the princess crowns, butterfly and ladybugs:) he never once complained or argued about wearing them. what a sweet heart!!
one of ella kate's "projects" today was to make a letter "F" page and cut and paste pictures of "F" things. she loved it! although, the only magazines that i had were 2 pottery barn kids. i need to get a better variety. i went into adalyn's room to feed her while ella kate was supposed to be cleaning up from school. instead, when i came back to the kitchen, i found her doing this... she made a "prize" for josiah!
she told me, "i made a 'siah a shark page 'cause he LOVES sharks!! i think he is going to be so excited about this picture!"

one more thing.... ella kate was talking about how much i would miss her if she was in "big school" because she is my "helper girl and she helps me so much with the baby". after a few seconds she said, "but hey.. you could always get nana to help you with our baby because she LOVES helping with adalyn:)"

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