Tuesday, August 9, 2011

following weiners and other messes..

before we get into all of that.. let's look at this sweet face:) all together now: awwwwwww:)
daddy and adalyn love snuggling!and you know josiah had to get some snuggle time in, too!!and incase any of you were wondering if miley has been behaving herself, i will show you these:NO, she does not have a really good tan. nor, does she frequent the spray tanning salon. this, my friends, is what miley looks like after she has gotten into my make up bag!and this face right here is guilty of emptying a jar of vicks vapor rub all over her face, neck and belly.

she will smell like menthol for weeks, i'm sure! and lastly, miley was singing at the top of her lungs this morning to adalyn. the song of choice was none other than, "we following the weiner, the weiner, the weiner! we following the weiner wherever he may go!" i assure you friends, that she meant to sing, "following the leader!"

she also was kissing adalyn all over her face saying, "i luh you berry, berry much!" (love)

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  1. Hee!! I must see your kiddos soon! As soon as mine get over their fever/tummy sickness, let's plan a playdate!