Monday, August 22, 2011

where dreams come true..

but first.. check out these pics of when ella kate was a baby. she was a little older than adalyn, but i feel like they definitely resemble each other:) cute little chubby thang:)

ella kate still looks more asian than adalyn, but i do feel like she is looking more and more like her big sister!! (ella kate's dream)

isn't this just ridiculous?!? or maybe, these cheesy hats just don't look right on my kids.
ella kate always wants to pick out adalyn's jammies, and she ALWAYS chooses the ones that have these silly hats. haha.. it makes me laugh:)
but, you know jos was lovin' it:) another thing that makes me laugh is this cute, hiney right here.. miley has more panty issues and wedgies than anyone i have ever known:) but, don't you even try to help her out... she would rather walk around all day with a big, fat, wedgie than for you to "fix" them for her! ok.. so back to the blog title...

ella kate asked me today if mermaids were real. without even thinking about it, i said, "no baby, they are just pretend." she sat there silently for a few minutes and i started to feel bad. after all, that is what she wants to be when she grows up. mermaids are her most favorite things EVER! then she asked, "well then, why are there real mermaids at disney world?" i didn't want to be this big, gloomy rain cloud crushing her spirits, so i just said, "uhhh... you know, i'm not sure." she looked out her car window with a smile and said, " 'cause disney world is where ALL your dreams come true!!" :)

aww..i have to admit.. that totally should have been their commercial. it was perfect!!

and i must also share a secret.. i have always thought that if this wife/mommy thing didn't work out, then i would absolutely go to disney world and be a princess!!

but, too bad this wife/mommy thing is working out perfectly:)

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