Sunday, May 31, 2009


do any of you have a 'wild card' child? meaning, it doesn't matter if you are doing everything right, they still are unhappy. even though they are well- rested, have a full belly, are at the playground with perfect weather, eating a lollipop and have everything else that they could possibly want at that moment... yet somehow they are still whining and in tears. well, that has been our josiah for about a year now. he is 21 months old caught in the middle of his 2 sisters, and well... sometimes life is just tough for him!! he was an absolute perfect baby. rarely cried, and smiled at everyone. but when he was almost a year old, he cut 4 teeth in a week, and was never the same! we have heard everything from it being that he is a boy, to his birth order, to his age.. you name it! but bill and i have not quit praying that our sweet compliant bubba would one day return. and well, i saw a glimpse of him tonight and i LOVED it:) tonight i was able to spend some special time with just josiah and miley while ella kate went to youth with bill. he was so precious! absolutely perfect! no whining! no crying! completely obedient and incredibly happy!! i could have eaten him up:) i was so sad when bed time came around, because i wasn't done cuddling him, kissing him and just enjoying his cute, happy little self:) i think our josiah may be turning over a new leaf... or at least i hope so!!

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