Wednesday, May 6, 2009

oh, what a night

they say i'll miss these days when they're gone, but tonight i am not so sure...
where do i begin? tonight was a circus act of sorts... everyone was just a bit ridiculous! daddy was gone (go figure.. they always act up when he's gone), so here i am fending for myself amongst the crazies. lets just skip to bath time... the hairiest time of day for the davis fam. josiah was happily playing with his trains while the bath water was running, and i was making my rounds undressing everybody. josiah is stripped down first since he is already in the bathroom, next is ella kate. she LOVES to be naked and takes off running towards miley's room. i let her be. so now its miley's turn.. but wait.. where is miley?? oh, yeah.. she is still downstairs in her swing entertaining herself, not making a peep! THANK YOU GOD FOR AN EASY BABY! ok, there you are my sweet girl.. chewing on a foamy letter, just swinging away. she lights up as she sees me coming. almost like she is saying,"mommy!! i knew you wouldn't forget me!!" but sadly, yes.. i did forget you my precious baby. i pick her up and immediately almost drop her! she is soaking wet!! and freezing cold!! what in the world? her swing is wet too, poor thing must have TT'd through her diaper... but i thought i just changed her diaper?? i lift her closely to see, oh my..... she didn't even have a diaper on! oh, little girl, where is your mom and what is she thinking?? why would she leave you to sit in a swing all by yourself, with no diaper, in cold pee.... bless your heart! and yet you are still smiling at me... i love you miley davis! so we make our way upstairs to see miss thang stuck in miley's bath seat with these old school HIDEOUS earphones on. oh, ella kate you are one special child my dear... but i love you. i think i hear the sprinklers running, but i never turned them on... i look over at josiah and realize that it is his naked self "pressure washing' my dresser!! thank you, son! it needed a rinse off, now that is what i get for leaving you diaper less for too long. but, i love you my little pee machine!! i lead them to the bathroom and look down to see thomas the train sitting in the bottom of the toilet! nasty. josiah sees him and cries, but luckily i saved the day by reaching my bare hand in the potty and rescuing the poor tank engine! i washed him off, handed him to jos and became a hero in his eyes. next is bath time, finally! praise the lord that no one pooped:) that is an accomplishment in and of itself! there were a few minor meltdowns, but that is to be expected. at one point josiah was choking and gasping for air as ella kate was dumping cups of water on his head.
"ella kate, sweetie, let's don't that. josiah doesn't like it!"
"but, him's do like it momma, my's making his hair bootyfull!!" she says,
"no, him's doesn't like it and that is why he is crying and coughing!"
"oh, ok! i'm sorry 'siah!"
poor josiah is trying to catch his breath and rub his eyes, and ella kate tackles him with a hug! they begin to slip and slide around the tub so i take the chance to grab one and start the drying off and jammie routine. and that my friends was just a glimpse of my night!!
so are you envious of my life at all?? i hate to admit it but, you should be.. i look at these precious faces each day, and though they drive me crazy... they make it all worth while!

it is now 7:34 and they are all in bed, and i think that i will be going there shortly! i'm exhausted:)


  1. GREAT post!!! this has to be one of ur best! You can download that pic of you and Bill from my page at if you want it. Keep up the blog, u do so good. Joni

  2. You do do a great job! I love it! You make me smile!

  3. gotta love that sweet baby miley... she's precious!

  4. SSOOO sweet! Okay, the end is sweet. The rest is just hilarious! :) Are you sure you want to add a crazy dog to the mix?!

  5. I think you may be ready to write a book!! These little ones are hilarious. Love ya!