Thursday, May 21, 2009

the girl who could fly

tonight was a special night for ella kate. she got to stay up later than usual and she and i watched peter pan II on tv. just the two of us cuddled up with blankets on the couch. i wasn't really watching it like she was, but i think that it had something to do with wendy's daughter jane. apparently peter pan came back to wendy's window one night and found jane there instead of wendy. he took her to neverland and she couldn't come home until she was sprinkled with pixie dust from tinkerbell. she had to believe that she could fly and when she did, she flew back home. now.. don't mark my word on all that. i could be wrong on how the movie was, but that is what i got from it:)anywho.. when the movie ended, ella kate stood on top of the couch and said, "watch momma. i can fly." she spread her arms like wings and took a big leap off of the couch, head first. no lie. big surprise to her, she couldn't fly and ended up doing a belly flop on the floor. i am sure it knocked the wind out of her! i just sat there staring. completely dumbfounded that she just did that. first off, that she really thought that she COULD fly and second, that she jumped off the couch and landed completely on her belly. the child has no fear when it comes to things like this... NONE! but, when our pastor's daughter is dressed up in a space costume and dances around the stage at church, ella kate has a panic attack! weird, i tell ya! but here is the little fly girl:)


  1. this girl has FAITH! :o) what a cutie pie. i love the head band.

  2. I read this one to tripp and he laughed out loud...he said he would've LOVED to have been sitting on the couch to see that one! We love your stories-they're such a refreshingly transparent view into the life of parenthood. You seem like such an incredibly mom!