Thursday, May 7, 2009

thursday morning..

today was pajama day at ella kate's mother's day out, but she did NOT want to wear a night gown. she kept saying, "no momma, my can't wear jammies to school! my needs to wear a dress!" as you can tell, she is still in her dress-only phase. so, i figured since she sleeps in her princess dresses almost every night, then technically they are her jammies. so we decided that she would wear her snow white dress, and might i say that she is the cutest snow white that i have EVER seen! she even told me that she looked adorable:) so i get her lunch packed and book bag ready, and we head out the door. bill and the other babies were still sleeping.. he's off today, must be nice. we get to mimi's (my mom) house a little earlier than usual. i unbuckle her from her car seat and take one last look at this beauty before i send her off, and i see that she has some dried slobber on her chin. gross. so i do what every normal mother would do, i lick my finger and attempt to wipe it off. ella kate takes one whiff of my finger and says, "ewww! gross! that smells like POOP!" how rude. now, granted i haven't showered or brushed my teeth yet, but i can't believe that she would call me out like that! it really hurt my feelings... and what was worse was that i couldn't find a piece of gum to save my life. so i dropped the princess off with mimi and took my poopy breath home, and scrubbed my teeth for 10 minutes!


  1. I love your blog. You give great detail and take the cutest pic's. I know your profile says you live in Augusta, GA. We use to live there too. In the Christmas tree pic you have a KY t-shirt on. R U From KY? see my blog
    Hope to hear from you soon!