Wednesday, May 6, 2009

new discovery

so we were having pizza with my family at my parent's house. my dad, being a pastor, is constantly in suits and dressy clothes... very seldom is he dressed 'bummy'. so here he is in an oxford shirt and some slacks when josiah falls out of his chair at the table, and lands on his head. my dad came to the rescue and scooped him up. josiah was just a hollerin' and carrying on, and also had a mouth full of pizza! already a goose egg appeared on his forehead.. poor thing! now, keep in mind that all the tears, slobber, pizza drool and whatever else was now all on poppa's nice shirt. lovely. so as soon as josiah calmed down, he was put back in his chair to finish his supper. my dad, poppa, decided that it would be best to change clothes... you think?? :)
after a short while, poppa makes his way back to the supper table and takes a seat by ella kate. she looks down at the floor was astonished! very loudly and very excitedly said, "POPPA!! you got feets!!" he smiles and looks down at his barefeet.
"yeah.. poppa does have feet!"
"poppa's got BIG feets!!"
it was hilarious! apparently, he has always worn socks and shoes around her.. never letting his barefeet be seen. ella kate was beside herself... she was in total disbelief! who would have ever thought that a poppa could have feet?? :)

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