Saturday, May 30, 2009

"monkey lunch"

i heard of a cute recipe called monkey munch, and wanted to make some with our little aspiring chef, ella kate:) she was dying to wear her apron again and help "cook sumpin". while i was away one night this week, bill took it upon himself to make the monkey munch with the kids. ella kate in the beginning was so confused. she kept calling it monkey lunch, and telling us that she couldn't eat it because she wasn't a monkey:)
bill snapped a few pics of her working so hard, and it is cute to see josiah in the background watching, with a car hanging out of his mouth.. sweet boy. he wanted to taste it so bad, that he couldn't wait any longer and decided that a little matchbox car would do:)
and i wanted to add 2 funny side notes to this:
i was making miley a bottle when ella kate came up to me and asked, "is that baby miley's monkey lunch?? (yes, she says miley now... no more baby mi-ey).
also, this afternoon i was laying ella kate down for a nap when i moved some stuffed animals off her bed. i heard a noise and lifted her pillow to see a ziploc bag full of monkey munch that she had hidden in her room for a little snack later. she is a bottomless pit, i tell ya.. and a sneaky one at that!

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