Wednesday, May 20, 2009

there is a rat in our house!

there happens to be a rat in our house. and apparently, it has curly dark hair, a cute chubby face and is wearing a princess nightgown! josiah and miley were already in bed, bill was at a meeting and i REALLY needed to wash my hair. i figured ella kate would be ok watching tv downstairs by herself while i hopped in the shower. WRONG. she apparently got the urge for a little snack and decided to help herself to some hot dog buns. yes, i said hot dog buns. after i got out of the shower, i ran downstairs to check on her and saw little pieces of plastic everywhere. all over the couch and all over the floor. i asked ella kate what it was and her reply was, "nuffin." hmmm.. nuffin sure makes a big mess! i take the pillows of the couch to clean up the itty bitty pieces of plastic and there i find the bag of hot dog buns. it looked like a rat had torn into the package and ate the tops of 6 hot dog buns! i grabbed the bag and looked at ella kate who sheepishly replies, "umm.. i was just needin' me some bread." then she smiles. the cute, crooked little smile that she has done since she was a baby. ohh.. this girl is something else. and by far, the cutest rat i've ever seen.

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  1. Oh, that little girl would just crack me up!!!! You have the best "little kid" stories I have ever heard. Your house must be one BIG adventure. Having stopped with one child, if something is broken or missing there in no question who did it? :O)