Saturday, May 2, 2009

they are so different!

we were given a hand-me-down train table a couple of months ago, and just yesterday bought some tracks and train cars to go with it. the babies were sooo excited and couldn't wait for bill to put it together. he actually glued the tracks down, so we wont be forever losing pieces and constantly trying to put it back together... this morning was the first time that the babies saw the finished product and immediately ran to it and started playing! bill and i stood back and watched and were amazed at how COMPLETELY different these 2 kids are. they were both entertained and having fun with the same 'toy'.. but in totally different ways!!
josiah had the train cars moving along the tracks crashing into random trees and buildings, while ella kate had some of the people and made a family... a momma, a daddy and a boy all playing on the tracks singing, 'do you know the muffin man?' it was cute to watch.. i wish i had a picture:(

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