Thursday, May 21, 2009

my baby is growing up!

ella kate had her 2yr old graduation this morning. i have mentioned earlier that she goes to mother's day out a couple days a week and she loves going to 'school'. her class was told to wear green, so we put together the cutest outfit that yaya (my sister lauren) had gotten her when she was just a baby. of course, ella kate thought that she looked like a princess. the skirt was long and flowy.. so she kept twirling and spinning watching it poof all around her. it was cute. so we get to school and all of the classes entered in together to the sanctuary, said the pledges and sang a few songs. after they were done with that, we all watched a slide show that was of all the kids throughout the year. it was really sweet. when that was over everyone headed off to the gym to play until lunch was ready. it was a fun morning. ella kate was so excited to have both bill and me there to see all of her friends. she kept running around all hyper and giddy. there were some inflatable jumpy things in the gym and both had long lines of kids waiting their turn to get on. ella kate (several times) kept inching her way to the front and when the volunteer who was working the inflatable wasn't looking, she would cut in front of all the kids and jump in to play.. shoes on and all! it was like she was the pastor's grand kid or something:) haha.. which she is, but that doesn't give her any special privileges! so, could someone please tell her that? because when she is at my dad's church, she thinks she owns the place:)


  1. I love the close up photo of her clapping her hands. She is just beautiful! All your kiddos are.