Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pretend play..

i knew the time was near that ella kate would start pretend playing. this afternoon i took all of the babies outside to play. i was holding miley, and ek and josiah each had a baby doll stroller. they were pushing their sippy cups up and down the driveway when ella kate looked at me and said, "momma, me and 'siah's gonna play. my's the momma and him's gonna be the daddy!"
she looked at josiah and told him what he was supposed to do. he acted like he cared... but ended up doing whatever he wanted to in the end. but, hey isn't that the real story of mommies and daddies?? :) mom with hand on hip barking orders on how things are supposed to happen, while dad gives a smile and a nod and continues on what he was doing in the first place.. as if he were never told?? :)
later when we checked the mail, there was a little thank you note from a friend's baby shower. i opened it up and read it. when ella kate saw the cute pink card she asked if it were hers.
"sure, you can have it." i said.
her eyes lit up as she opened the card. "this says..jesus says all big girls wear poo-yups (pull-ups)!! thanks mom!!"
she stuck the card in her stroller and hurried along her way.
so there you have it folks.. the big girl has spoken. and apparently, jesus has too! :)

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