Tuesday, May 19, 2009

such a good daddy:)

it has been raining a LOT lately.... and well, let's just say that bill is much better at handling the dreary weather than i am! i'm not a huge fan of the rain. hate to be in it, hate to drive in it, hate to get 3 little ones in and out of the car in it... the list goes on and on:) however, i love to listen to it while i sleep!! oh... how i love rainy nap times:)
anyway, so this past friday it was raining...... again. bill thought that it would be fun to take ella kate and josiah outside and let them play in it and splash and just get messy. i was glad that i was inside with miley. my clothes were dry, my hair wasn't all funky and wet, i wasn't muddy.. however they all loved it! when the rain stopped coming down, they pulled out the water hose and were spraying each other and running through it! they were laughing and screaming so loud.. it was so sweet! i love my family:)

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