Friday, May 15, 2009

muffins with mom:)

nonny, my AMAZING grandma, is one of the BEST gift-givers i know! she gave me the cutest mother-daughter apron set for christmas this past year. it is adorable. it has both adult and child sized aprons, oven mitts and little cloth trivets. ella kate loves to wear her apron, but she actually USED it for the first time this morning. chatty kathy, uh... i mean, ella kate and i decided to make blueberry muffins. she had a ball! i let her do everything that she could, which was pretty hard for me b/c i am not a fan of messes!! i would rather let her stir or do something simple so there is less for me to clean up in the end:) but, i gave in today and she really made the muffins all by herself! i took a lot of cute pics... but, why are there none of me in my matching apron, you ask? well, first off i am no where near as cute as she is in a little red apron, and also i have yet to take a shower! so to save me the embarrassment and you all a good scare, i kept myself hidden:) miley was napping and we tried to keep josiah distracted. although, he could smell those yummy muffins when they were ready.. and he came running!!

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  1. Tell me you don't have a muffin pan...go ahead, tell me!? You better tell me quick or I'm going to show up on your doorstep with a new muffin pan...not kidding. :)

    LOVE the pics. You need to have Bill take one of BOTH of you in your aprons...even if it's just a 'model shot' and you're not actually cooking when you take it. :)