Friday, May 29, 2009

sibling rivalry.. i mean, love:)

ella kate is the true big sister! she can be the biggest helper, encourager, lover and will share... but within a split second something can snap in her and she will have nothing to do with josiah!she has never acted this way towards miley, but i am sure it is coming:)

so, this week has been a challenge or sorts. ella kate normally would go to mother's day out a couple of mornings during the week, and now that it is over for summer, we are trying to find a new routine for us at home. josiah really enjoyed having some mornings by himself without having to take turns, share his toys or share his momma. and ella kate was used to playing with all of her friends and running wild!! and now we are all together. in this house. all day long. everyday. which is totally do-able and will be a lot of fun, when i can get in the groove. with a 2yr old, 1yr old and 7mo old... i have learned to make adjustments. ideally, i would have the house clean, the laundry done, the babies happy and supper ready for when bill comes home from work at 5. but, to be honest, it was hard this week to make sure all of the above were done! and well, yesterday, the laundry had to wait!

so here we are.. me, jos and ek were playing outside while miley was napping. they love to swim in the kiddie pool (naked). ella kate was in the pool jumping and splashing and well, josiah has taken a new liking to his little lawn mower and as soon as we got outside, he was making his way to it. ella kate is much faster than he is, and though she didn't really want the lawn mower, she wanted to get it before josiah could. and of course he screamed. the boy has the LOUDEST, EAR PIERCING, HIGH PITCH shrill that i have ever heard... and ella kate looked at him and smiled. she smiled. she covered her ears from the loudness, but had a little smile on her face, still. oh, that girl. then we had a bag of nilla wafers outside for them to munch on before lunch. ella kate had been eating some, then handed me the bag of cookies and said that she was done. so josiah toddles over to me and i handed him the bag. he smiled and walked off. within minutes, i heard his awful cry again. i looked and ella kate is holding the nilla wafers and josiah is sitting on the concrete in tears. i informed her that we were sharing and that it was josiah's turn to hold the bag of cookies. she agreed to give it back to him.... empty. she took every last little cookie in her fist and dropped the bag by josiah's feet, and walked away. leaving him, yet again, crying! this time i fussed at both of them! i was afraid the neighbors might have seen, but i had had enough! she put the cookies back in the bag and gently laid them by josiah who was now squatting on the driveway. i help him put the last cookie in the bag only to look down and see that his is peeing. and since he is naked.. and squatting... he ended up peeing all inside the bag of nilla wafers. which i then had to take away... and he cried. and cried. and then we all went inside for lunch.

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