Wednesday, May 6, 2009


ella kate has become quite the talker lately. but, it really isn't that she talks a lot, she more so asks SO MANY questions. her favorite question is 'why'?
"why does daddy go to work? why does baby miley not talk? why does her always smile at me? why does 'siah not obey? why him's always get spankin's? why do we need to feed the dogs? why can't i eat the dog food? why do i hafta take a baff? why can't i wear my dancin' shoes to school? why do i have to share? why do we brush our teef?
why? why? why? why? why?"
and for you to answer her with 'because', is simply not good enough! she will just come right back at you with, 'because why?' oh, it exhausts me just typing about this!! i am glad that she is curious, and wanting to learn.. but at the same time, i would love some silence:) is it too early to introduce the quiet game?? :)
yesterday it was raining.... again. it had been a really long day, cooped up in the house answering all kinds of questions. my brain was about mush! chatty kathy (as my family has lovingly named her) was looking out the window at the dreary mist coming down and asked,
"momma, why is it still raining?"
"i don't know ella kate.." i was pooped and trying to fold the last bit of laundry before daddy got home. she looked at me almost like she was disappointed in me and said,
"yes, you do! god finks the flowers are still firsty... that's why it is still raining!!"
hmm.. so she does listen! that was the answer i gave her the other day when she asked why it was still raining. but, if she knew the answer, then why did she ask the question?? ohh.. that girl. she wears me out!


  1. my smart girl! She is so cute! And exhausting!!

  2. that's a good answer about the rain... i think i'll steal it one day!