Friday, May 22, 2009

oh, that girl!

i don't even know where to begin! ella kate is something else! she is just a handful at times... a hilarious handful, but a handful nonetheless. last night while she and miley were in the bathtub, miley got real excited and began to kick her feet and splash. ella kate gently grabbed her hands and said, " now, baby mi-ey we don't splash in the baftub! but, i do lub you... we just don't splash, ok?" and of course, miley just smiled:)
then tonight, all of the babies were in bed. bill was outside cutting the grass and i was blow drying my hair. i thought i heard something, so i turned the blow dryer off and listened. there was some rustling coming from the kitchen, so i headed downstairs to see what was up. on my way down i see that ella kate's bedroom door is open. what is the little rat getting into now?!? :) i stay on the stairs and just then, ella kate turns the corner heading back to her room with a box of krispy kreme donuts in her hands!! what in the world?!? she sees me looking and just stands there wondering if she is needing to make light of the situation and smile... or cry and run for dear life! she chose to sheepishly smile and say, " i was just needin' sumpin' momma." oh, little girl... you are going to give me gray hair by the time i am 26!!

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